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Talent Management & HR Advisory

Helping You To Build A World-Class Team That Will Take Your Business To Greater Heights.

Taking care of your people 

Your people determine the success of your business. Many business owners find it increasingly hard to acquire, manage and maintain a motivated and forward-looking workforce in today's dynamic global environment. We can play a role on various levels to help translate your employees' potential into your business' financial performance and market value.    

Our spectrum of HR advisory and management services

HR Advisory Services


From single-owner small businesses to medium-big sized enterprises, it is critical for the basic core HR functions to be set up and maintained properly such that the business' daily operations can run smoothly. We provide a list of advisory services below where we provide guidance and our professional expertise on building a robust HR Management structure.

1. Employment Contracts

- developing and drafting original employment contracts

- reviewing existing employment contracts

3. Staff Policies

- developing and drafting original staff policies

- reviewing existing staff policies

- developing and drafting original Staff Handbook

- reviewing existing Staff Handbook

2. Organisational Structure and Processes

- organisational structure design and implementation

- developing structure and processes for functional teams

4. Performance Management

- developing a staff performance management and appraisal framework

- reviewing existing framework and appraisal processes

Talent Acquisition and Management Services


Every organisation is unique and requires its own unique mix of the right pool of people at the right time to take the business to greater heights. In today's dynamic fast-paced global economies, companies are sometimes required to source beyond the geographical boundaries in which they operate so as to acquire the right talents for their businesses. We can assist to make this process easier for you in a few areas.

1. Singapore Work Pass Applications

- employment pass eligibility and application

- S pass eligibility and application

- work permit eligibility and application

- EntrePass eligibility and application

2. Relocation of Foreign Employees to Singapore

- providing guidance and assistance for the relocation and on-boarding of foreign employees and their families into the Singapore system

- advisory services on personal tax planning of foreign employees

Other HR Support Services

Payroll Processing and Management

Whether you are a one-man business or a company with hundreds of employees, we can support you with a range of payroll processing and management services to take this non-strategic administrative function off you so you don't have to spend unnecessary time trying to keep up with the changing regulations governing employment and payroll.

Employee Leave Management and Reporting

Why spend unnecessary time on this administrative task when you can free up this time to focus on other revenue-generating activities? Let us take this non-core yet another critical HR function off your load. 

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