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Finance & Accounting Services

We Keep Your Books In Immaculate Order While You Focus On Growing Your Business.

Obtaining insights into your company's financials

Focus your time and energy on your core business and let us take care of your business's everyday operational book-keeping responsibilities and financial compliance requirements. As the custodian of your company's finances, we also provide insights into your financials for ongoing productivity improvements as well as longer term business strategy alignment. We will be your trusted professional partner who ensures you have your organisation's essential financial and accounting information at your fingertips and that you meet all financial reporting regulatory requirements in a timely fashion too.  

Our spectrum of finance and accounting services

Routine Accounting and Book-keeping


Proper accounting and accurate book-keeping is mandated under the Singapore Companies Act and Income Tax Act. With your accounting data, we are also able to generate customised management reports to aid you in your business decision making processes and maintain corporate liquidity. Reduce your overheads by appointing our professional accountants to manage your book of accounts.

Financial Statements and Director's Report


We translate your accounting data into the necessary financial statements and annual Director's Report for regulatory compliance and reporting. The financial statements are also required for the Company's preparation and filing of corporate tax. We can also convert these documents to XBRL format to meet filing requirements by ACRA as required. Let our professional accountants take over this back-end financial support function so you may dedicate your time on other revenue-generating activities.

Consolidation of Accounts


No matter how complex your corporate structure, how wide your global existence spans across various jurisdictions, we can assist in the consolidation of your accounts for more meaningful management reporting and analysis as well as for meeting the local regulatory compliance. As your business grows and expands, it becomes more important that your consolidated financials accurately reflect the performance of all related entities as well as provide a true depiction of the business' overall standing.

Payment and Sales Invoicing Administration


You can reduce your overheads further by outsourcing the administrative functions of payment processing and sales invoicing to us as we have an established pool of support staff well versed in these tasks. Adding this service on to the provision of routine accounting and book-keeping services to your company will ensure seamless transition between your operational, administrative, accounting and reporting divisions. This also eliminates unnecessary inefficiencies and any communication gaps between your company's various departments. 

Payroll Processing and Management


Whether you are a one-man business or a company with hundreds of employees, we can support you with a range of payroll processing and management services to take this non-strategic administrative function off you so you don't have to spend unnecessary time trying to keep up with the changing regulations governing employment and payroll. Engaging us for this service in addition to the suite of accounting services already listed above will ensure further seamless transition between your operational, administrative, accounting and reporting divisions.

Accounting for Business Closure


Not all business plans pan out as originally intended. In this increasingly competitive business landscape, some companies may eventually find themselves having to close down their ventures. Certain accounting protocols have to be followed should the company wish to apply to be struck off ACRA's Company Register. Here, we can step in to help ensure a smooth process in the striking off and de-registration of your company by taking care of the necessary accounting for business closure and assisting with the tax clearance with the tax authorities.

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