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Company Incorporation

Start Your Company On A Strong Foundation With The Right Structure.

Setting up business in Singapore

Registering a new company in Singapore can be cumbersome and intimidating if you are not familiar with the legal requirements and incorporation process. Setting up your company in the right structure with your long term vision in mind will ensure you take off on the right track based on a solid foundation. This will save you unnecessary hassle as your business grows, especially for businesses in multiple locations in various jurisdictions.​ 

In helping you to structure the most efficient setup, we assess and take into account all these considerations and more including the nature of your business, ownership structure, initial capital investment and future capital funding opportunities, succession and perpetuity, taxation effects of various jurisdictions and suitability of business entity to ensure you have a corporate structure that is in line with your long term business plan. 

Our company incorporation packages

For Singapore Residents


We advise and assist Singaporeans and Singapore residents in the registration of a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Partnership (LP), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Private Limited Company depending on the specific needs and long term business plans.

For Foreign Individuals


Non-Singaporeans are allowed to register and own up to 100% of a private limited company in Singapore, with the assignment of a local resident director. Relocating to Singapore is optional and you can choose to appoint us to act as your nominee director.

Offshore Incorporation


For strategic reasons, some companies may choose to incorporate an offshore entity for their business needs. As more companies embark on internationalisation, corporate structuring and planning becomes more complex. With our global network of associates, we can assist you to incorporate your companies in some of the popular tax havens around the world for tax efficiencies .

For Foreign Companies


Foreign companies can establish a presence in Singapore through registering a Subsidiary Company, Branch Office or Representative Office, with the assignment of a local resident director. Similarly, you can appoint us to act as your nominee director.

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